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Questions & Answers

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How do mobile billboards compare with other advertising media?

Mobile billboards are exceeding today’s demands and expectations.

With products like TiVO, Cable TV, Satellite TV and Sirius Satellite Radio

more people than ever are avoiding commercials.

More and more people have less time to read the newspaper.

Mobile billboards are more effective than static billboards because we go where they can’t.

A moving sign is 5 times more effective than a static sign.

You can’t miss our huge mobile billboards as they pass you by.

Our unique design creates a curiosity in people’s minds.

They wonder what it is as they turn their heads to read the advertisement.

It’s a fun and exciting way to promote.

How many people see my sign?
This depends on where the unit is. 
We estimate most of the time we average over 80,000 impressions per day.

Describe your mobile billboard?

Our mobile billboards are custom made for advertising purposes only.

They are equipped with a professional sound system for playing cd’s,
jingles to enhance the recall of the ad or making public announcements.

The units are maintained in perfect running condition and are cleaned regularly to ensure
the best presentation.

We have front and backlit units.  If you want to catch viewers with a great visible ad our
backlit units are spectacular for night time events.

The billboard can also invite the viewer to tune into a dedicated radio station for more
information or how to win a prize from your company.
This is done with a radio transmitter.

How soon in advance should I reserve my mobile billboard?

Mobile billboards have been tested and proven to be highly effective.
Due to high demand advertiser’s are encouraged to buy mobile media ad space weeks in
advance before the starting date.

Depending on the areas total market saturation can be accomplished with a thirty day campaign.     

How do we know where you go?

Every mobile billboard is equiped with GPS tracking technology which gives us the opportunity to track it at all times.
Our units are also equipped with cell phones.

With constant communication, we can re-direct your ad campaign any time any where.

How big are your signs?
Our back to back mobile signs are 23ft. wide x 10ft. high.

The back sign is 3ft. wide x 9ft. high.
This is equivalent to a 30 sheet billboard you see off your local highway.

How long are the mobile billboards on the road?

The average time is 8 hours per day depending on traffic conditions and distance to
ad target location.
Our drivers are permitted to take breaks during the day. 
While on break the mobile unit is always stationed in a highly visible location.

How do I set my art work for printing?

We provide you with an art spec sheet to prepare for printing.

We print your billboards at high photo quality resolution.

If you need help creating your art work we have a creative art

department that can design your ad.