UMedia Mobile Billboards

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 The Real Estate Industry:
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The real estate market is rebounding and developers are building again. 
UMedia has over 10 years experience advertising the Real Estate market. 
Mobile Billboards can target your advertising campaign to your specific market locations. 
Mobile Billboards can take your message to busy shopping centers, restaurants, home shows, antique shows and many areas where there are large numbers of people. 

The mobile billboard can also be used as a directional billboard to drive traffic to the sales centers. 

The driver can also distribute promotional material on the spot.

The Hospitality Industry:

Beverages Companies have utilized traditional billboards in large numbers all over the US.

Now with the advent of mobile billboards and the obvious advantages of placement and direction of when your viewers see your ad.

Mobile Units can be used by local regional distributors for events.
Automotive clients use it to promote weekly and monthly sales events.

The Entertainment Industry:

Entertainers need to get their music heard, promote concert event and ticket sales and distribute promotional material. 

Record labels and agencies use mobile billboards to break through the clutter.